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Adopted her today, she has only one but its a gem

f you dont reblog this I’m judging you

Honestly one of the most beautiful cats i’ve ever seen

Are you missing the giant fucking scar on its face???

Just because she has a scar doesn’t mean she’s not pretty. In fact, I think she’s beautiful. Her fur looks so soft and floofy!

99% of cats have soft and fluffy fur, the only reason you’re calling this cat beautiful is because it has a giant scar on its face. If it had both eyes this picture would have 22 notes and nobody would give a shit. Stop calling it beautiful. It’s not, and it doesn’t matter because it’s a cat and it doesn’t understand English.

It’s badass looking but it’s not the most beautiful cat in the world. Stop making everything about beauty. It doesn’t matter if the cat is beautiful. Is it a nice cat? Is it housebroken? Does it play well with children? What are its political views? These are all things that are exponentially more important than “Is it beautiful?”.

You people will go to such great lengths to call every empty playground and dead leaf and disabled cat beautiful to make your blogs look more accepting and worldly but the truth is you wouldn’t give a shit if it wasn’t to make you feel good about yourself.

rule one of tumblr: always reblog pizzaforpresident’s comment on this pic of a cat with one eye

So if I had a scar on my face people wouldn’t be allowed to call me beautiful ? Ya’ll bitches different people consider different things/people beautiful it’s called having an opinion plus that cat looks better than all of u

I agree with that tho. people on here are like “aw you’re plus size and ur so beautiful” but skinny girls are seen as anorexic lil bitches lol just stop giving things attention because they’re not perfect and start giving everything attention because EVERYTHING is perfect in its own way. naw mean?

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